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They’re asking for a foot in the Revelation 13 door! 

How exactly? Read the article below, and watch the two 55-second videos at the end to understand how!

Project 2025's Sunday Law: A prophetic foot-in-the-door to Revelation 13

by Scott Ritsema

If you haven't heard of Project 2025, it's a phonebook-sized document put together by a coalition of conservative interest groups and think tanks under Heritage Foundation guidance, attempting to establish the policy agenda for what they hope to be a 2024 Republican presidential election victory.

Aside from the expected conservative policies, is there anything worthy of our prophetic interest? 

First, know this. The past 120+ years of American political history have witnessed the slow growth of a massive permanent government under the executive branch. Often contemptuously referred to as the unconstitutional "4th branch of government," this behemoth is a massive bureaucracy, a permanent administrative state, a secretive 'deep state,' and a national security apparatus all wrapped into one. It's the single largest institution on planet earth. 

In itself, this entity is a repudiation of the principles and provisions of the U.S. Constitution limiting the federal government to certain enumerated powers while reserving the remainder of rights and powers to the states or to the people. (See Article 1 Sec. 8 and the Tenth Amendment.)

So, how does Project 2025 propose to deal with the bureaucracy? 

Short story: the bureaucratic/administrative state is presently mostly dominated by the left. The conservatives of Project 2025 want their next president to capture the power of the executive branch agencies of government for their conservative agenda. 

Nothing particularly shocking there.  

But then, on page 589, the story gets a lot more prophetically interesting. 

Nestled in the midst of the 920 pages of unsurprising conservative policy prescriptions, we find the following language, under the heading, "Sabbath Rest:"

Even with a nod given to 7th-day Sabbath keepers, this is an alarming foot-in-the-door moment.

Lift up your heads for your redemption draweth nigh!

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